Opinions tell you what might happen. Evidence will tell you what will happen.

The Qure Inc. is a revolutionary company with a unique mission. We succeed in this mission by providing state-of-the-art tools and technologies that find, categorize, store and convert complex medical information from clinical studies into user-friendly web-based portals and databases. Anyone with basic internet and math skills can use our evidence databases to determine which therapy is most safe and effective for their unique medical condition. In addition we can find and deliver evidence on what causes a disease and/or the incidence rate of the disease.

Our services/products can be used by:


  • Enable consumers to use real evidence to make informed decisions about their own healthcare with their personal physicians.
  • Use evidence to get insurance coverage and/or reverse a denial
  • Make sure that your physician is ordering the most effective therapy for your medical condition

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Physicians (Concierge Physicans: Please go to Concierge Medicine Page):

  • Enable specialists and/or generalists to use evidence to determine the most effective and safest therapy for any specific patient population.
  • Use evidence to get coverage on recommended therapies or treatments
  • Stay up-to-date on all published clinical studies
  • Determine if practice management guidelines are valid and relevant

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Consumer Societies:

  • Website to finally provide real evidence to their members
  • Help guide future sponsorship of clinical trials
  • Ensure that your members are getting connected to the most effective therapies based on real evidence.

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Medical-Legal (attorneys):

  • Use evidence from clinical studies to determine causation and standard of care for any type of legal case (ie; malpractice, toxic tort, bad faith, licensing, etc.).
  • Use clinical trial evidence in all stages of litigation.
  • Use evidence based technologies to find undiscovered product liability cases

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  • Enable dentists, consumers, societies to use evidence found in dental studies to determine the efficacy and safety of any dental procedure and/or device and material.

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  • Enable pet companions to find the most effective and safest therapy for their dogs, cats or other animal.
  • Make sure that your veterinarian is recommending a therapy that actually works.

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