The Evidence Team and Our Mission

Our Evidence Team: consisting of physicians, methodologists, analysts, librarians and technology experts. The team works collaboratively with each other and with our clients to make sure we find the most relevant evidence for any medical question.

The Qure’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by finding and delivering medical evidence to patients and healthcare professionals. We do this by making evidence from clinical studies accessible, readable, and relevant. Anyone with basic reading and math skills can now use evidence to make an informed medical decision.

The Qure

  • Is the first & only web-based service that helps patients & their doctors use real evidence to determine the most effective & safest therapy for any medical problem
  • Creates a custom project for each patient and their unique medical condition
  • Enables patients to use the same data that policy-makers, hospitals, payers and medical societies now use to figure out what works and doesn’t work for them
The Qure Inc. currently has an agreement with its partner company to use its multi-million dollar software platform on behalf of consumers and physicians. All the current healthcare sites on the web, including WebMD, only provide opinions, recommendations and reviews. These opinion-based websites do not provide access to the evidence that determines whether or not a therapy is effective and/or safe. The Qure finds and delivers the actual evidence that physicians, hospitals, payers and policy-makers use. Now consumers can get the same evidence that the entire health care industry is using