Concierge Medicine


The core purpose of The Qure is finding and delivering relevant evidence (found in clinical trials) to both concierge medicine physicians and their patients.  For over 10 years physicians with private medicine practices have been relying on The Qure to find and deliver evidence that would help them identify the best therapies for their unique patient population.  Many patients who are members of concierge medicine practices expect their primary doctors and/or their specialists to rely on real evidence to make the best recommendations on their behalf.  Thus many private medicine patients/members also rely on The Qure to provide the same evidence services when they get diagnosed with a medical problem.

Concierge medicine promises high quality service and high quality care.  To fulfill the promise of providing the “highest quality of care,” physicians need access to the best evidence available for any medical problem.  Concierge medicine doctors who use evidence from clinical trials are more likely to identify the best drug or device or specialist for any unique medical condition.  Relying on training, experience, referral networks, review articles, seminars, standards of practice is not enough.  Physicians who merge their expertise with an analysis of the data found in clinical trials are in the best position to find the best therapy.

What used to be nearly impossible for physicians  to do in the past is now easy to accomplish.  Now physicians can use The Qure to answer any medical question with real evidence.

The Qure works with concierge medicine doctors and their patients to make sure they are getting all the relevant evidence that will answer any framed question.  Here is short list of projects done on behalf of private medicine doctors and their patients:

  • Finding surgeons with the best survival rates for prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer.  And comparing the survival rates to watchful waiting.
  • Determining rate of cancer secondary to metal hip replacements.
  • Rate of colon cancer detection by screening colonoscopy in asymptomatic patients.
  • Stroke, MI and death rates for different statin drugs.  And compared to placebo.
  • Flu Vaccine efficacy for healthy adults
  • And hundreds more

The entire process includes:

  • Framing question with both patient and their physician by email and/or phone
  • Finding and retrieving all the relevant studies (including relevant evidence found in unpublished resources as needed)
  • Analyzing the data and creating a custom report that is sent to patient/physician.
  • Modify project as needed based on analysis done.
  • Informed decision made by patient with their physician
  • Finding best specialists as needed that provide “best therapy” identified by the evidence (i.e.: Surgeons who perform nerve sparing prostatectomy and have their own outcome data)