Below are examples of medical evidence produced by The Qure for past clients.
Putting reliable evidence into the hands of patients and physicians
to help identify the most effective and safest therapy for any medical condition
It's time you use real evidence to make informed medical decisions
Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine promises to design healthcare for specific needs, empowering patients through in-depth knowledge, and combing high-tech tools of today. This more exclusive care for patients through memberships promises the best care and the most advanced tools of today. The Qure enables concierge physicians to fulfill these promises.

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What is Evidence?

Evidence is everything that is used to reveal and determine the truth. Medical evidence comprises medical knowledge, from clinical trials and published research, to reveal the truth about medical conditions and the safest and most effective treatments.

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Evidence Projects

Our initial interview process with each client enables The Qure team to create a custom “framed” question(s) that matches your unique medical condition and needs. Our evidence technologies and services then will be able to find, store and deliver evidence that answers your “framed” question(s).

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